2018 ATA Jr. Tennis Banquet Tickets

The 2018 ATA Jr. Tennis Banquet will be Wednesday May 2nd at the ACU Teague Center at 6:30 pm - doors open at 6:00.  There will be dinner, followed by awards and lots of door prizes!  This banquet is open to all local junior tennis players - those who have played JTT league and tournaments in addition to those playing in junior high and high school.

Tickets are now $15.  The deadline for dinner ticket sales are April 23rd.

Tickets will also be available at Rose Park Tennis Center and through your school tennis coach.  You may purchase a $5 ticket at the door - this ticket is for entry only and does NOT include dinner.  Dinner tickets cannot be purchased at the door.

Tennis Banquet Tickets can only be purchased online using Pay Pal. When you click "Submit", you will be redirected to the Pay Pal website where you will need to login and pay.

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