A Junior National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) rating is a measuring tool that indicates a standard of play that allows players to track their progress as they develop their games. An accurate rating should give a player access to level-based competition. Level-based competition is about grouping players according to ability, regardless of age or gender. For example, players might be grouped together in compatible rating intervals such as 2.4 to 2.7 or 3.1 to 3.3.

How do I view or enter the player’s JNTRP?

Once logged into Tennislink, if it does not reflect the player, click on “Switch Profile” towards the end of the Welcome sentence and select the player.  Once you are on the player you will see their Jr. Rating Level (JNTPR). If it is Zero – that’s ok.  It just means you will need to self rate during JTT registration.

Divisions – If needing help choosing the correct division here is some information. Also if the player is taking lessons, ask their coach.

  • 8U Beg – Red Ball – Quickstart 36 foot court.  This division is usually for beginners under 8 years of age.
  • 10U Beg – Orange Ball – QuickStart 60 foot court.  This division is usually beginners between 8-10 years of age.
  • 10U Int/Adv – Green Ball – full court.  This division is usually for players under 10 years of age that play tournaments.
  • 12U Beg – Green Ball – 1.9 JNTRP and below.  This division is usually for players 11-12  years of age (5th/6th grade) that haven’t been playing very long and are not playing tournaments yet.
  • 12U Int – 2.4 JNTRP and below
  • 12U Adv – 2.5 JNTRP and above
  • 14U Beg – 2.4 JNTRP and below
  • 14U Int – 3.4 JNTRP and below
  • 14U Adv – 3.5 JNTRP and above
  • 18U Int – 3.4 JNTRP and below
  • 18U Adv – 3.5 JNTRP and above

Step by Step Instructions to Enter the Player’s JNTRP:

During Registration you may get a red box at the top of the screen when you click proceed to checkout.

In order to register for this division, players name USTA # must complete the junior rating, self-rate process. Please click here to begin.

If you get this message – before clicking and opening another page/browser, go to Tennislink and login and make sure you have selected the player.  Then go back to the page and click here to begin.

It is very important that you do not self rate too high. Please follow the instructions that are highlighted in orange below. If you do self rate your player too high you will have to register again and we will refund the registration fee but will not be able to refund the Tennislink fee.  Your player can play in a division that is above their rating.

Select “GETTING STARTED”, and a questionnaire will appear.  Pick less than 1 year and hit continue.


Use one of the following – change the 2.0 or whatever it in the box to one of the following, then click save:

  • If age 12 or under use 1.5.
  • If age 14 or under use 2.0.
  • If age 18 or under use 2.5.

For more information contact Melinda Roberson 325-669-3340 AbileneJTT@gmail.com