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Tennis changes lives.  The game of tennis is a sport that spans age, race, gender, and lifestyle gaps.  Our Missions at the ATA is to promote and develop this lifetime sport in the greater Abilene area.  With that, we believe in promoting the tennis through programs for area youth and adults – anyone who wants to play.  To accomplish that, we work closely with volunteers and donors to raise the money used to teach and introduce tennis to people of all ages, support and encourage new and existing players through providing match play opportunities and leagues, and recognizing them for their efforts.

We are so appreciative that a lot of our funding comes from you when you participate in leagues, tournaments, and fundraisers.

Here’s another way to help:  make a donation. Help us become the means by which all who wish to play and excel in this great game do so. Your dollars are an invaluable investment in the future of the greater Abilene tennis community. We hope you’ll share in our enthusiasm and admiration for tennis and give back to the game that has given so much to you!

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