!!! ANNOUNCEMENT - Adult League Players !!!
An email was sent out to all Adults earlier today (04/19/2020). Please be sure to check your inbox and/or spam/junk folders coming from Melinda Roberson under the abileneadultleague@gmail.com domain.
USTA has cancelled all Adult League Sectionals and Nationals for 2020. As of now USTA has suspended play until 5/31/2020.
All official USTA Texas updates will be posted to usta.com/texas-covid19. For more information, including an FAQ and Tennis Industry United Resources, please visit https://www.usta.com/en/home/usta-covid-19-updates.html.
Once play is able to resume Abilene is planning on having an Adult 18&Over Non-Advancing USTA League. More details to follow once play can resume and facilities are re-opened.
If you were registered in an Adult Abilene USTA League for 2020 here are your options:
  1. For 40&Over and 40&Over Mixed – You can continue to play in the league you are registered for once play can resume and facilities are re-opened if the teams want to continue.
  2. Your registration can be moved to the 18&Over Non-Advancing League.
  3. Or ATA can refund $26 for your registration – the $3 TennisLink fee is non-refundable. Deadline for refund is 5/15/2020. All refunds will be processed after 5/15/2020. If you are requesting a refund please email Melinda Roberson (abileneadultleague@gmail.com) with your full name and address details.
*Exception to options 2 & 3: If matches were entered into TennisLink. This only applies to 40&over 4.5 Men's Division and Melinda will be outreaching with the Captains to discuss options.
Please let Melinda know which option you prefer by 5/15/2020. If Melinda does not receive a response from you by 5/15/2020 then you will moved to 18&Over unless your team has chosen to continue to play.
At this time there is no information for Tri-Level. As soon as there is details available for Tri-Level we will inform you. Please let Melinda know if you are interested in Tri-Level and have not entered.
If you were not registered in a league let Melinda know if you would be interested in participating in the 18&Over Non-Advancing League.
We wish there was better news. Stay safe and healthy. Hope we can all get back on the courts soon!!!

Come out and play league tennis!  Talk with your friends, family and co-workers on pull together a team.  It is a lot of fun!  ATA Adult League Brochure.  If you are already on a team and have your Team Number, register here.

Changes for 2020

  • 40&over – 1 line of singles and 3 lines of doubles minimum 7 players per team.
  • Players turning 18 – Player has to be 18 before they can register for Adult Leagues.
  • Self Rated or Appeal Players – For Sectionals must play 2 matches and default will not count. For Nationals must play 4 matches and default will not count.
  • Payments for Sectionals – they will be changing to electronic payment – no details at this time

The below schedule shows the minimum requirements for teams, Sectional Dates and Little State (2nd place) information: