Come out and play league tennis!  Talk with your friends, family and co-workers on pull together a team.  It is a lot of fun!  ATA Adult League Brochure.  If you are already on a team and have your Team Number, register here.

Changes for 2020

  • 40&over – 1 line of singles and 3 lines of doubles minimum 7 players per team.
  • Players turning 18 – Player has to be 18 before they can register for Adult Leagues.
  • Self Rated or Appeal Players – For Sectionals must play 2 matches and default will not count. For Nationals must play 4 matches and default will not count.
  • Payments for Sectionals – they will be changing to electronic payment – no details at this time

The below schedule shows the minimum requirements for teams, Sectional Dates and Little State (2nd place) information: